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Adult Bengal Cats For Sale

Leap of Faith Smuggler - Male

This male comes to us from Angie at Leap of Faith. Smuggler is one of the sweetest kittens I have held. We here a Destiny Bengals are very happy to have him, with the looks and personality of this male we should have some real nice kitten for quite sometime.

Destiny Bengals Dazzle - Female

This wonderful female is from are own breeding and is quite the girl. She is so playful and is always under your feet, she also loves the water. Dazzle has one of the tightest and clearest coat that will be passed onto her young. Can't wait to see them.

Female Bengal Kittens for Sale

Prime Time - Female

This is Destiny Bengals Prime Time. She is a large and very clear coated cat. Some of the things I like best about Prime Time are her very thick outline rosettes, short tail and that she comes from Summerbrees one of are best cats that we have had here at Destiny Bengals. Looking forward to some of her kittens in the summer of 2016.

Flame - Female

This is are new female FLAME. She is the sweetest cat we have, along with the pattern and coloring she will be a great addition to are cattery. We just love the random pattern of her rosettes and the great profile. Thanks Linda for this wonderful cat.

Alaska - Female

This Seal Minks is going to bring us some nice snow and seal mink kittens. Very super clear coat and great personality. With are males we have she should bring us some real nice kittens.

First Class - Female

First Class is a wonderful female cat with a great personality. She has a great full tail and a really straight profile. Mix that in with the clear rosetted coat and you can see why we are so happy to have her.

Colt 45 - Male

We are very happy to have one of Gangsters last boys. This large, very well put together boy is going to produce some very good kittens here at Destiny Bengals. With his looks, great personality and his Dads pedigree should be a winner!


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